Thanks for checking out this blog. My intent is to offer reflections from a pastoral and personal perspective. As a disclaimer, while I serve as a minister of First Baptist Church, Beverly, Massachusetts these comments do not necessarily reflect the perspective of the congregation as a whole or the individuals that make up this particular congregation. As a person and pastor within this American Baptist tradition, I claim the Baptist distinctive of ‘Soul Freedom’ which believes that each individual is free to follow her/his conscience based on the belief that the Spirit is at work in the discernment of each person. Soul Freedom also affirms that the perspective of the minority is to be listened to. Sometimes this blog will be in the mainstream, othertimes given my track record, my postings will be a minority perspective. In the tradition of Soul Freedom, this blog is an opportunity to express the questions and truth as I am so led. My hope is that you the reader will be encouraged to pursue your own Soul Freedom and discern the questions and truth that the Spirit is speaking into your life. In this spirit I invite you to share your comments in reponse, agreements or disagreements. I expect to learn much from you in return. My underlying premise is that the Great Mystery we call God is stirring the pot and leading us into a deeper sense of that which is good, lasting and true. Join me on the journey.

One thought on “About

  1. Joyce Early

    Hi Kent,
    Just a quiet touch to let you know you are still very much in our lives and we quietly check in often. I will be following your reflections in the coming writings. I have always found your internal inquiries to be inspiring. Walking the path with you.

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