A Letter to Trump Supporters

The letter below was penned by my friend Ray Schellinger in the wee hours of this morning upon Donald Trump being declared president-elect.  Ray is a Christian missionary who has dedicated his life to advocating for those on the margins. He directed Debra’s House a shelter for women fleeing domestic abuse in Tijuana, Mexico.  He currently works on behalf of refugees fleeing violence and oppression.

This past week he was in Jordan visiting refugee camps for those fleeing civil war in Syria.  Ray is a man of faith and integrity.  He takes to heart the words of Jesus ‘whatever you do unto these the most vulnerable of my sisters and brothers you do unto me’ (Matthew 25:40).  I invite you to read:

My dear friends, I cannot begin to express how heavy my heart feels right now. I know some of you greet this news with the opposite reaction. You are very happy, perhaps because you were truly afraid of what a Clinton presidency might mean. I am happy for you, and hope that this decision that you helped make happen will bring the positive things that you envision for our country.

I am afraid, however, and ask that you try to comprehend my fears and those of so many others who are offended by the character of the campaign that was run. We have seen blatant racism, sexism, xenophobia, and a pandering to the worst angels of our nature.

I fear for migrants who live here with us now, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, people of color, and many more of our most vulnerable citizens. I fear for our social safety net, for the advances we’ve made and civil rights, and for the availability of education and healthcare. I fear for the environment, and for the state of the earth that we leave for our children, I fear for the growing chasm between rich and poor in the US, as well as the undue influence of money in our political system, I fear for the relationships we have with the global community and allies, and the difficult International situations that we must navigate with wisdom and consistency.

I know these things are important to you too, and I ask that we join together to safeguard the values that we hold most dear, and to protect the lives of our most vulnerable. Please understand, that though I respect the will of the majority, I do not believe that the majority is always right.

Please remember that it is often a tiny minority which stands in prophetic witness to justice and the right. This incoming administration will have a great deal of power, and one party will hold the advantage in all branches of government. There is a great potential to abuse this majority. I am not at all confident that a President Trump can temper the power he will hold with a desire to protect the interests of the minority or the unity of the country.

If this was your choice, then this becomes your responsibility-to hold your candidate accountable to the wellbeing of us all. I join with you in praying that these fears are unfounded. I pray that we can continue to come together to work for justice, peace, and hope.

Shalom, my friends, shalom.

2 thoughts on “A Letter to Trump Supporters

  1. Margaret A. Hoffman

    Hi Kent – Our small connection group at church met last night. The election was topic of conversation but what I wanted to share was that one of our group said “remember God used Saul”. I trust this may be the case with Donald Trump! We will see and we must trust our God!

    1. Marge, I’m sure the election was a topic in most every house of worship. An opportunity for people of faith to drill down to try to understand the alienation that so many voters feel….and find meaningful ways to create a society where there is room for everyone and have the basics in life: health care, affordable housing, education that opens doors for our children, financial security for all….a big list but not impossible….

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