My Mentor in the Christian Life

Don Hutchinson passed into God’s eternal love yesterday. As I write this I am now serving a church in Massachusetts. I along with countless others will always be grateful for Don’s loving witness. Don and his life partner Lee, two gay men, refused to live in the closet and lived their life with grace, humor and courage. Don loved Jesus, walked in the way of Jesus and like Jesus expanded our hearts and minds by his gentle, courageous and loving example. Thank you Don. Say hello to Lee for us in heaven. ~ Kent Harrop

Green Preacher

Don Hutchinson 2For twenty years I’ve been mentored in the Christian life by Don Hutchinson.  During this time I’ve had the great privilege of being Don’s pastor.

Don is a gentle soul who has been a prophetic voice for the full inclusion of our gay sisters and brothers into the life of the church and as full citizens in society.

Don and his life partner Lee Swantek worked to bring down walls of division and prejudice within the church and wider community.  Don and Lee were the ‘go to guys’ within the congregation and wider community when anyone had a need.  They regularly volunteered to drive people to medical appointments in Salem and Portland.  Through their generosity of spirit they showed us what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

 Don and Lee were committed spouses for 42 years until Lee’s death from cancer several years ago.  The depth of their love was…

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3 thoughts on “My Mentor in the Christian Life

  1. Ami Stockellburg

    Kent, Mentors are wonderful people, and I believe God’s messenger in our life for however long He decides. I pray for your comfort now.

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