Discovering Trust

Yesterday I was pulling weeds in my garden and came across a stone. Finding rocks in the New England soil is a given but this stone was different it carried the inscription ‘TRUST’. A former property owner had placed this stone in the garden and was mine to uncover.

garden and stone

As I continued to pull weeds that word ‘TRUST’ stayed with me. Many of us have difficulty trusting. Some of us grew up in homes governed by the erratic rules of addiction or mental illness. As children some of us learned early on that the adults around us couldn’t be counted upon for security and stability. We learned to trust ourselves rather than others. Determining who to trust and who not to trust became a means of survival. Circumstance conditioned us to be careful whom we trusted.

Later in life those same skills which served us well in childhood sometimes became an impediment to bonding with others. As we grew we needed to learn that many were indeed worthy of our trust.

To trust is to risk. To trust is to choose to believe that the other person is worthy of our trust. To trust is to choose to let go of fear and believe that the other person has our best interest at heart. To trust is to be free.

Are there some who should not be trusted? Yes. But now well into middle age I’ve learned that trust is a choice and that when I choose to trust I experience the gift of being free. Free to be in relationship with others, free to look for the best in others. Am I sometimes disappointed? Yes. But more often I am graced with the gift of friendship and profound expressions of kindness and generosity. As I receive such gifts I also find I’m able to offer the same gift of trust to others.

My faith and experience teaches me that Great Mystery we call God walks with me, often carries me and is worthy of my trust. All this came to mind because of one stone pulled from the garden. May we each be graced with people worthy of our trust and may we be worthy of being trusted.

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