Getting Ready for the Big Storm

People are fascinated by talk of a BIG STORM. The weather professionals heighten our anticipation giving us a step by step breakdown of the storms impending arrival. We rush to the store for milk, bread and batteries. Those of us with miles on our odometer hearken back to the Great New England Blizzard of 1978. Anyone who lived through it has a story to tell.

Blizzard of 1978

Storms have a way of bringing people together. In many ways it brings out the best in us. We tend to check in on our neighbors. My Mom age 92 lives in Rhode Island and looks forward to a storm because she knows her neighbors will look out for her. Today I asked: ‘Mom what will you do if the lights or heat go out?’ She said: “Paul and Sue down the street have a generator, they said I could stay with them.”

Storms also have a way of highlighting the precariousness of our neighbors who live on the streets. In the city I live efforts are being made to let people know that an emergency shelter is available. I think back to another community I lived in where a homeless friend named Rusty died of exposure.

On this eve of the storm we offer a prayer for city workers who plow our streets and first responders who do their best to keep us safe. And we offer a prayer for those of us who are most vulnerable.

Tonight weather experts tell us the BIG STORM will come. They think it may even be bigger than the Great Blizzard of 1978. My hope is that we will take good care of each other and afterwards have only good stories to tell.

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