Your Time Has Come

Our youngest daughter is about to launch.  Soon she will travel 3000 miles from Oregon to Long Island, New York to begin her college adventure.  A different time zone, a different culture, thirty minutes by train from mid-town Manhattan.   A long way in so many respects from McMinnville, Oregon. 

I’m grateful that Katelyn has the self-confidence to make such a move.  I tell her that at her age I didn’t and I marvel at the person she’s become.  Katelyn is packing her bags, checking items off her list and saying final good-byes to her friends.

Soon she will launch upon her great adventure.  She will be challenged and stretched in so many ways.   Katelyn is a woman of courage, curiosity, compassion  and faith.  These qualities will serve her well in college.  She is ready to go.  With her she will take the love of  family, the best wishes of her friends and the prayers of her faith community.  

Tricia and I have been preparing for Katelyn’s leaving for a long time.  I/we will miss her in so many ways.  Yet, the time has come.  She is ready to go.  To Katelyn we say:  “Go with God and go in love.  Continue to stretch and grow.  Your time has come.”

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