It Takes a Village

This afternoon my wife texted me:  “I can barely keep my eyes open and my head off the table.”  Such is the emotional aftermath of graduation week.  On Friday our daughter Katelyn graduated from McMinnville High School.   The week prior included a gauntlet of final concerts, awards night, year book signing, baccalaureate, graduation night and attending a series of home graduation parties.

I’ll leave it to Katelyn to say what these final weeks leading up to graduation were like for her.  I’ve gradually learned not to try to speak for my daughter.  I am however beginning to get a handle on my own thoughts and feelings.

For me the key word is gratitude.  I am grateful for the village that helped raise our daughter.  I’m grateful for Tricia who is a wonderful mother.  For other parents who served as surrogates, reinforcing a message of love, acceptance and parameters. For teachers and staff who challenged our daughter to think and grow.  I’m grateful that Katelyn chose her friends well.   For a church family that loved, accepted and prayed for her well-being.  For an extended family who adore her.

I’m grateful that Katelyn has remarkable qualities, such as creativity, persistence and a compassionate and forgiving nature.   I’m grateful that my daughter has more self-confidence than I had at her age which offers a wide canvass to paint upon.

Who we become is affected by the circumstances into which we are born, how we are hard-wired, luck, the choices we make, and the village that surrounds us.   Katelyn was graced with lots of good things in her life but none more so than the village within which she was raised.  I thank God for the blessings in our daughters life.  And I thank you her village.

3 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. Laura P

    I too am grateful for the village who helped my children become the adults they are today. We are all in this together and isn’t that wonderful news ! Congrats to Katelyn.

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