Planting Seeds

This morning our staff  reflected upon the seeds of kindness and hope that were planted during this Advent/Christmas season.   Often we aren’t aware that we are planting seeds and if we are, we are unaware of whether the seeds take root. 

At the church I walk alongside, I saw a lot of seeds being planted this Christmas.  A few examples:   A homeless guest taking a card off our Giving Tree and returning with art supplies he purchased for a child,  who otherwise would have no gifts on Christmas…. Youth bringing in gifts on Christmas Eve for a family burnt out of their home the day before …. A seven-year old girl placing 7 cents on the altar during worship, ‘so kids can have clean water in Nicaragua’…. An addict finding hope as another person listens without judgment.

Such are the seeds that were planted in one church.   How about your life?  Who planted seeds of kindness in you?  In what ways are you a seed planter?

On my desk is a quote: ‘One never knows which seeds will grow’.  So true.  Most often we  never see the fruit of the seed we cast.  Yet we are called to continue casting,  ever hopeful that a kind word, a generous act, a listening ear,  can make a difference.

As we move into this new year let us continue to cast.   For we never know which seed will grow.

6 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  1. Lovely article Kent,
    Its funny. I recently was thanked for being kind to someone over 30 years ago, when I wasn’t being kind on purpose, and didn’t realize I was being so. All I did was treat this person in a normal friendly way with simple gladness in their being there. I know that sounds like what people say when they want to be all deep and “Dalai Lama”, but it was really the opposite. I was just being genuine and friendly. It just happened to be the case that the person had re-emerged after isolation due to a chronic illness, resulting on that particular day in their being despondently lonely. I’d had no idea about the illness or the loneliness (which probably helped me avoid ham-handed affectation which can sometimes have the exact opposite of its intended effect). Instead, the kindness seed I had cast was so small that at the time I hadn’t even realized it was in my hand.

    1. Thanks Jack, I agree that when we are doing what comes naturally people sense it. There is a wonderful quote from Garrison Keiller as he reflects upon an uncle who took him fishing when he (Garrison) was a boy…’the kindness you offer to a child, is never forgotten’. I like to think that is true. Happy new year friend! Love the photo of Adam and Claire.

  2. Thank you, Kent. Reading this was a welcome opportunity to reflect on all the seeds of kindness that have been planted in my family’s life. It also prompts me to reflect on the ways in which might plant seeds in the lives of those around me.

  3. You, Beloved Kent, have planted such seeds of consciousness, kindness and presence in my life. They continue to grow! Your willingness to be seen—to disclose your own journey in such authentic clarity—helps us all feel more okay about our “stuff” and our journeys. Every time I’m there, I come away blessed and find myself sharing your sermon 🙂

    The ripples on the pond keep a ripplin

    Aloha from Hawaii, My Friend.

    1. Joyce, thanks for your kind words. I look forward to the next time you, Francois and family are in Oregon. Thank you for the good energy/heart/wisdom that you bring wherever you go. Grace and peace friend.

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